Visitors visiting with family or friends anywhere in the world should not stop buying the best they can find at that place. You will get this during your visit to Pushkar. Local furniture which is better known than other goods attracts the interest of many consumers. In Pushkar you can visit many places to buy. Shopping lovers can find many unique items to take home with them, such as clothes, jewelry, lights, bags, Rajasthan dolls and more. Pushkar has a lot for you to help make good memories. see how.

9 Selected shopping Centers for Pushkar for all tourists

1.Visit Pushkar Fair

The unique thing about the Rifle Fair is that it is held once a year, and is the main reason why the show has become such a crowded event. A large number of tourists from Pushkar never miss an opportunity to shop at the show. In the exhibition you can buy a variety of traditional Rajasthan items such as small souvenirs, embroidered clothes, shiny jewelry, jewelry, shoes, leather goods and more.

2. Sadar Bazaar is a Must Visit


Sadar Bazaar is the best place to shop in Pushkar. Located in the capital of Pushkar, Sadar Bazar is a long market that covers a distance of about 1 km with small shops on both sides. The main sale is located to the north of the lake, giving us an idea of ​​why people like to shop at interesting places in the city.

3. The Handicrafts Store

Pushkar is a famous place where you can buy interesting handicrafts, so there are many shops where you can shop at a reasonable price. Shops like Vikas Handicrafts, Radhika Handicrafts and Rajasthan Handicrafts Corporation are some of the most popular shops and supermarkets where you can buy interesting handicrafts.

4. Kedalganj Bazaar

This shopping center in Pushkar is famous for selling high quality handicrafts. Here you can find interesting and interesting home decoration items. In this advertisement you can find other items from Rajasthan. So, if you look at the unique features of your home and vice versa, there is nothing better than visiting this market.

5. Sarafa Bazaar

If you are looking for a market that can offer you all the amenities and high quality Pushkar in one place, then there is none other than Sarrafa Bazaar in Pushkar. There are all stores in the market where you can find clothes, accessories, shoes, ethnic clothes and more. The shops have a lively atmosphere and reasonably priced attractions that will take you straight to the market.

6. Baza Bazaar

This market offers you a variety of shopping malls. You can find many clothing stores, appliances, shoes, household items, handicrafts, jewelry and more. The narrow lanes and uninterrupted air of this market is one of the main features of the market. There are also many shops in the market where you can try local Pushkar dishes. Then you can buy and chew in this market at the same time.

7. Shiv Shakti Art and Handicraft

The place has a unique collection of various handicrafts and traditional paintings. The production quality in this area is very high and completely reliable. Not only can you get the product at a cheaper price, but you can also try drawing especially in the drawing class held here. It is a great shopping experience and painting in this area.

8. Antique Boutique

Pushkar jewelry and designers are very popular all over the world. If you too are looking for a great design collection, then antique boutiques are the perfect place to visit. Here you can make all kinds of jewelry and do whatever you want. The highest and best price that you will get in this market is when you buy jewelry.

9. D&G Handmade Jewellery

Imagine for a moment that you were transferred to the earl’s karma-driven world. Is not it good? Yes, you can find this item at the D&G Jewelery Store. This place will provide beautiful and beautiful jewelry for you. The peculiarity of this place is that all the ornaments here are handmade.
It is the best and most popular place to visit in Pushkar, from where you can get the best deals on all the main attractions of Pushkar. Apart from this, Pushkar is also famous for the variety of beautiful flowers it offers. Looking at this beautiful shopping area, you will have a little idea about the rich Rajasthan culture of the city. Do not think about it, if you visit one of the places near Pushkar, you will not miss this famous shopping mall. If you have ever visited any of the above, write your experiences in the comments section.

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