Texas crash killed 5 people including at least 100 vehicles

The crash occurred near Interstate 35 on Fort Worth, where officials warned of dangerous weather conditions.At least five people died in a crash of at least 100 vehicles in the state of Texas on Thursday morning, officials said, such as the warm winter weather for smooth roads, glaciers and dangerous driving conditions.

According to Fort Worth, many people were trapped in their vehicles as a result of the crash, which occurred along the Interstate 35 station just after 6 a.m., and involved vehicles with 18 vehicles and trucks. Videos posted by local television stations show cars parked on top of each other, trucks parked on the side of the road and other vehicles circling along the roadway while firefighters work in the area. Twenty-six people were taken to the hospital, some in critical condition and some seriously injured, said Matt Zavadsky, a spokesman for Medstar Mobile Healthcare, an emergency services agency that works with Fort Worth police and firefighters. Fire personnel said in a report that at least 100 vehicles were involved in the crash. At a press conference, Fort Worth police officer Daniel Segura described the crash as “a big pile of accidents” and said the show was about a mile long.

A spokesman for the fire service said workers would board a truck to overtake the vehicles, and they traveled with the vehicle to evacuate the drivers and passengers from the crash. A photo from the department showed the vehicle mounted on the bottom of the FedEx truck, and another showed firefighters pulling a small dog out of the damaged area for safety. “We work from front to back, to make sure that all drivers and everyone in every car matters,” spokesman Mike Driadle said. “This is a very big event.” Zavadsky of Medstar said: “I have never seen anything like this. We are training in this situation, but you do not expect this to happen. ” The roadway was closed due to “severe weather disasters”, the police department said, and the highway was remotely supported on both sides. “Find another way,” the department called the passenger in a tweet. The police have earmarked locations to build families and find drivers and passengers involved in the construction. The winter weather that creates wet roads and ice cold can contribute to accidents. Temperatures in the 20s Thursday morning, according to the National Weather Service, which issued a winter weather advisory in the Dallas-Fort Worth district at noon.

The weather service said storm forces are likely to cause heavy rain or one inch of rain. “Expect dangerous travel conditions,” the service said, warning that snow was on the side and difficult to detect. “We are not emphasizing enough that road conditions can change from good to bad within the block,” Seva said. The nearby Arlington Police Department said it had responded to at least 23 accidents, and officers assisted five drivers with damaged or stranded vehicles. King Al Jones of the Arlington Police Department said the driver collided with a police car on Thursday night due to snow. The officer, who was not injured, was not in the vehicle at the time. In total, the department has dealt with at least 82 accidents since Wednesday night.

The crash site, Zavadsky said, stretched across the street from 28th Street to Northside Street, and paramedics were searching for new victims every few minutes, as they moved from one to the other. They had to separate from the prisoners. Pictures of firefighters show firefighters in crashed and disturbed vehicles searching for victims. The victims were taken in wheelchairs and the rest were taken by a Medstar heating bus. They brought a dog to safety. The driver told the Star-Telegram that he managed to stop for only a short time after the accident, and when he moved out of the way, “it looked like he had stepped on a skating rink”. Shane said, “I’m not in a hurry. I’m a little slow, I know what’s going to happen in front of me.”

He said that he is blessed. “I looked in the mirror and it was like I can see the hand of God driving these cars on the ice around me and I am blessed. There were so many losses and tragedies, but miracles were happening at the same time . Praise God. For him. ”
A 7-Eleven official, Lisa Salinas, told the Star-Telegraph that six to eight people involved in the crash entered the store Thursday morning, awaiting help. They were fine, he said, but woke up to the incident. A man detained in Fort Worth in an accident said his car had just slipped. The crash occurred on the TEXPress system, which opened a few years ago on the mean I-35W. Trails require drivers to pay electronic taxes – either as a way to install tolltags on their air windows or to take pictures of car dealerships and receive bills in the mail – dealing with old traffic near Fort Fort Worth for. However, while videos taken by passers-by appear to be traveling along icy paths as cars and trucks collide, a spokesperson for North Tarant Express Mobility Partners says the company is working hard to keep snow on the road. Protective activists NTE and NTE 35W began treatment in our hallway on Tuesday and have been doing so ever since, spokesman Robert Tinkle said. “Our staff is now assisting emergency services in managing the 35W emergency and will continue to treat the road network until the following week to weekend. A firefighter discovered a fire extinguisher that broke a package of salt for use on the road. Mike Drivedahl, a spokesman for the fire brigade, said he could not confirm whether the roads were paved or sandy prior to the accident. As the threat has drawn attention, both locally and nationally, there has been speculation on social media that this approach is poorly managed. Juan Gerred told the Star-Telegram that his daughter did not work and did not answer the phone, so she decided to go to the community center for information. He and his family are waiting at the center, hoping to hear more about their daughter. In the afternoon she carries a bag of food containing monster snacks and energy drinks and describes the anxiety of unconsciousness.

Polozani said officers collected their names and mistakenly transferred them to the hospital and distributed them “to meet their loved ones” to those waiting at the center. He encouraged people to follow the police department on Twitter for information.”From the first accused, through the weak, to the survivors.” Therefore, we ask the entire city of Fort Worth to gather and pray for these families during the tragic events that occurred this morning. “Scientific work life There was a major halt on I-35W on Thursday afternoon, and was closed due to an accident below. It was not immediately clear how long the blockages would be closed, but Polozani said officials were expected to clear up in the afternoon. Mike Drivedahl, a spokesman for the Fort Worth Fire Department, said they should clear about 100 vehicles a day on the road.

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