A small town known as the Thar Seema, Pushkar is famous around the village for its famous Pushkar Lake. It offers beautiful views of dunes, camels, hills, lakes and forests in this beautiful city. Not surprisingly, Pushkar has become a popular tourist destination. With its unique attractions, the city has been filled with tourists from all over the world for almost a year. There are many things that you do not do in Pushkar.

If you are planning a trip to Pushkar soon, there are some things not to be missed. Although it is one of those places where you can travel at any time of the year, it is best to visit Pushkar in the next part of the year. You can also have special festivals and popular festivals in the city. Well, let’s take a look at the most interesting features of Pushkar.

10 things to do in Pushkar - not to miss anything!

1. Evenings by the Pushkar Lake

An overnight stay at Pushkar Lake is the most enjoyable experience one can have during your stay. It has just emerged from the world. Cold winds rushed through the lake and calmed down on all sides.

The song is mixed with songs of praise and the sound of bells ringing from all the temples, while the enjoyment of the beautiful view of the sun disappears without cover. Leaving a light that will be completed soon, all these combinations will leave the best character you ever had.

2. Varah Ghat Evening Aarti

It does not matter whether you believe in God or not; The evening at Varah Ghat was an unforgettable experience. Prayer songs of the night begin in the temples near the ghetto, when the bells begin to ring, accompanied by songs that seem not to matter. When the sky turns golden, the most beautiful picture will be in front of you.

The lake glows with the floating light and the whole atmosphere is beautiful, combining the aroma of the sunshine. While there are other ghats, Varah Ghat is an ideal place to enjoy night prayers and scenery.

3. Camel Safari Through the Desert

Who does not like to see wild sounds? While in Pushkar, a camel safari is the perfect way to relax while enjoying the peace of the desert. Yes, riding a camel is not a bad thing, but fast riding will make you feel an accomplishment as you enjoy the sound of desert air.

The Camel Fair is a major festival in Pushkar and is the best time to visit the region. Nyaya begins on 23 October (the beginning of the Hindu Kartik calendar month) and is the focus of many. The best time to ride a camel is before sunset in the evening.

4. Enjoy the International Balloon Festival

Pushkar is famous for its international balloon festivals. It will be between November 7 and November 14, 2018. One always dreams of flying in the sky, and the Pushkar International Balloon Festival gives you a chance.

This balloon is one of the best scenes in Pushkar city and you can beat the crowd as you fly into a small town. It is truly one of the best experiences.

5. Jeep Safari is a Must Try

If the adventure happens to you, the Pushkar Jeep Safari is one of the best ways to answer the call. Jeep Safari will take you to Pushkar and surrounding areas. This is one of the best ways to see this section of Rajasthan.

Jeep Safari will introduce you to many hidden features in the area, such as local waterfalls and beautiful and rare wildlife sanctuaries. Top Pushkar Hotels specialize in Safari.

6. Gangaur Ghat Nagara Lessons

Music is the soul of the universe. There is no place in the world where you can never find your music. Pushkar is not the same. He is known for his rich music. And in Pushkar’s Pierce you will find many musicians playing various instruments.

Better if you are interested, you can learn one of the musical instruments. The most famous is Nagda, a drum-shaped figure. Nathu Lal Solanki, a well-known name in the area for his work in Coke Studio, can teach you how to play Nagara.

7. Hike to the Ratnagiri Hills

Ratnagiri Hill is very famous among those who visit Pushkar. You can start climbing the hilltop from the south-west side of Pushkar Lake. It climbs about 1.5 km, and is useful. There is a temple of Savitri Devi at the top of the hill. Yes, they were temples built for those who walked just two hours.

The beauty of the view from above is amazing. You will have a wide view of the great city of Pushkar. The best time to start your journey is around noon, so from the hill top you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sunset.

8. Visit the Ajaypal Ji Temple

Ajaypal Ji Temple was founded by King Ajaypal Pal, who founded the city of Ajmer. This temple is one of the most important historical structures near the city of Pushkar. But the visit to the temple was even more amazing.

You will pass through a forest and then driving through the dunes and finally into a valley surrounded by hills. If you are coming to Pushkar by bike, it is worth this trip. However, you can rent a bike or motorcycle in the local market and enjoy a visit to Ajaypal ji temple.

9. Visit Collector’s Paradise

Collector Swarga Pushkar is the only art gallery and museum in the city which houses a collection of the most important and ancient works of art. Her collection is the famous Ashoka Tak, which has won many awards and is a talented camel decorator.

10. Unwind with a Kalbelia Dance Performance

One of the weaker dance styles of Rajasthan, Kalbeliya dance is one of a kind. Believe it or not, unless you enjoy this amazing dance performance in the afternoon, your visit to Pushkar will not be complete. Named after a dance-practicing nation, the Kalbelian dance performance is a resilient snake that will succeed.

The good news is that hotels in Pushkar are organizing this dance in their area. If you wish, you can contact the dancers yourself and enjoy making dunes and enjoy the Rajasthani flavor. As per all myths and legends, Pushkar is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Needless to say that this rare union of dunes, hills, lakes and forests, Pushkar has been described as a beautiful city. Known as the city of oasis for its presence on the other side of Pushkar Lake, it leads you to a romantic escape through a maze of alleys and alleys, eaves and ghats. Without a doubt this amazing city spells in your eyes.

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