Best Worth Traveling Places in Pushkar, Rajasthan (Lake, Tourist Places)

1. Pushkar Lake

A must visit for all tourists, Pushkar Lake is a beautiful place located in the center of the city. There are about 52 Pirs near the lake which were visited by thousands of volunteers during the city tour. During the holy festival of Kartik Purnima, locals and believers from all over the country go for a swim in the Pushkar Lake Pushkar and participate in the Pushkar Fair held at this time. There are many temples around the lake if you want peace and tranquility or love Indian art.

2. Buddhist Lake Pushkar

If you are looking for a good place around Pushkar, the Buddhist lake Pushkar, then you should check out the place here. Standing in Pushkar, the Buddhist lake Pushkar is a journey for people who like peace, tranquility and peace. Surrounded by green and open spaces, it is a place where you should stand to meditate or enjoy the peace of nature, the natural peace. There is a temple nearby where you can pray. It is also a great place for afternoon trips, where you can relax and relax.

3. Varaha Ghat


Varaha Ghat is one of the 52 valleys near Pushkar Lake. Lord Vishnu is believed to have appeared in his third form Varaha or wild boar to drive away evil spirits and Ghat got its name. The best time to visit the ghat is in the evening when Aarti occurs. It is a unique and serene experience and is very different from what you can find at the Ganga Aarti held in Haridwar and Varanasi.4. Gandhi Ghat

Gandhi Ghat is definitely one of the best places in Pushkar. Here the sacred ashes of our father, Mahatma Gandhi have been sown. After Varah Ghat, it is the most famous ghat in Pushkar. In the evening visit the ghat and watch the sunset. This ghat was called Gau Ghat.

4. Jaipur Ghat

This is another popular route to Pushkar. Jaipur Ghat is known as a place to watch the sunset. Every night thousands of local people and tourists gather at the ghat to watch the sunset. They then head to the nearest restaurant to enjoy snacks and tea.

5. Desert Desert Camp

Located near Mount Aravali, the adventure desert camp is a great base for exploring Pushkar’s friendship and culture. This camp located in the desert provides you with a variety of local entertainment. From dance and music to traditional food, you can enjoy everything Pushkar has to offer.

6. Man Mahal

Man Mahal is the largest residential area in Pushkar and is a staple food for tourists and people. Located near the center of Sarovar Math, Man Mahal is a former palace built by Raja Man Singh-I as a resort, and has now been converted into a brothel. The palace has beautiful architectural elements, in a unique Rajasthan style and offers a beautiful view of the area. You can enjoy the beauty of Lake Sarovar and capture the vast expanse of castles and lakes on your lens! L

7. Pushkar Main Market

While shopping in Pushkar, Pushkar is no better place than the main market. Apart from everyday needs, in this market you will find many shops and stores selling religious items and traditional Rajasthan clothes. If you want to bring something unforgettable home, Pushkar Main Market offers products at affordable prices.

8. Pushkar Desert

While in Pushkar, you will not miss a safari in the desert. Located in the Pushkar Desert, the safari will take you on a magical journey through local culture. Watch traditional music and dance games, ride camels and enjoy delicious Rajasthani food.

9.Brahma Temple Market

The market near the Brahma temple is another popular shopping destination. The market is famous for its bandhani shops and doll shops. There are many stores selling Chaniya choli and sarees with mirrors. If you want to buy one of the above, then shopping in the market of Brahma temple is right.

19. Mela Maidan

To experience Rajasthani culture, stop at the Mela Maidan to attend a local festival. This land hosts some very important festivals in Pushkar. From Pushkar festivals to other important festivals, this land hosts all. Sometimes exhibitions are also held here.

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