Beautiful Places to visit in Pushkar at Night

When you think of nightlife in holiday resorts, bars and nightclubs come to mind. Of course, this was not done in Pushkar, the most famous religious center with camels and temples. But there are some interesting places that you can visit in the evening besides pubs and bars. Wonder what they are? See the most interesting places to visit in Pushkar at night.

Spent the night in Pushkar

1. Pushkar Lake

Pushkar beach is one of the most famous mountaineering sites here. At night, many locals walk along the river, and some also enjoy street food. During the summer you will find most of the ice cream parks serving local kulfi and ice cream around the lake.

2. Take a City Tour

Many tour operators in Pushkar are planning a day trip to the city. The most popular tours of the night tour are the beautiful views of Pushkar. This tour is a wonderful way to explore Pushkar. If you like shopping in the city you are visiting, then you will need to see a specific list of 9 shopping areas in Pushkar and shop!

3. Old Rangji Temple

Rangji Old Temple is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Pushkar and a travel destination for all tourists visiting the city. Built of stone, this magnificent temple looks as if it was relocated from southern India because its exterior has a unique Dravidian architecture.

For a wonderful spiritual experience, after visiting this temple, when the light shines, this miracle of art looks even more spectacular.

4. Market Square

One of the best things to do in Pushkar at night is to follow a diet. And, the best part of it is in the main market.

After 7 pm, the dataran passer is lined up on the streets of Utama with trucks delivering delicious food. From jalebis to dal baati, kachori and gulab jamuns, here you can find everything in the car. If you like exploring the taste of home, then check out this interesting street food in Pushkar and you will definitely fall in love.

5.  Safar Bazar

Safar Bazaar, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Pushkar, is a place where you have to buy local products such as embroidered clothes and leather products. The market sells original handmade products that showcase the skills and talent of the local people and crafts in Pushkar.

If you like collecting monuments, you can also shop at Safar Bazaar, the city’s most popular place. In this market you will find wooden items, religious items and dolls that you can buy to give to friends and family.

6. Kedalganj Bazaar

Check out the best Ravasan dresses in Kedalganj market – one of the best places to visit in Pushkar, especially shopping. Shops in this market sell high quality traditional clothes. Apart from clothing, you can find other handmade items and leather products here. Don’t forget to check out the great pictures and paintings shown in Kedalganj which are really big and beautiful.

7. Brahma Temple

The Brahma Temple is one of the most famous places in Pushkar. If you are a lover of peace and tranquility, this is a wonderful place to visit. Visit here during the night when no one can discover and admire the exquisite works of art on the walls of this temple.

You can choose to sit quietly on a bench of the temple and enjoy the peace and tranquility here.

8. Temple Road

It is a unique experience and a must visit in Pushkar when a camel walks. There are many tourists on Temple Road who henceforth arrange a camel safari in Pushkar. Apart from riding a beautiful camel, it is also a unique experience, on safari you can enjoy local songs and dances.

You will also be served delicious Rajasthani food. There was also a fire in the campfire. Follow the instructions carefully before going on a camel safari.

9. Ajaypal Ji

If you are looking for an enjoyable experience inside and outside Pushkar, the best thing to do is to visit Ajaypal Ji Temple, which is located about 10 km from the city.

If you go at night, you will not find a vehicle. The road to Ajaypal Jija is beautiful and you will definitely get a pleasant experience while driving up to the temple. Make sure you come to the temple in the morning to watch the sunrise.

10. Sunset Café

For a view of the beautiful lake while dining, dine at Pushkar’s Sunset Cafe. Gert watches the sunset on the Pushkar Lake in the afternoon, then sit back, relax and enjoy the Yagyasthan food. The restaurant serves delicious dishes like dal baati and pizza and pasta.

Nearby is a German bakery for delicious and tender cookies.

11. Varah Ghat

The Pushkar fair, the site of the Varah Ghat, is believed to have its history. It is considered to be the place where Lord Vishnu appeared as a pig.

A place you should visit during Panna, but even on normal days, it is a great place to see the shiny buildings around the river and the Pier. At night you often find couples and families sitting on the slopes of the ghat and enjoying nature in the most amazing way.

12. Pushkar Camel Fair

One of the reasons for tourists to visit Pushkar is the city camel show which takes place in November. Great charm, justice is maintained throughout the city. From morning to night, justice continues for happiness, power and events.

There was a knife, delicious food and lots of camels. The best time to travel is at night when it is not crowded. You may remember that justice is done in November itself.

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