9 places to visit in Pushkar

In Rajasthan, Pushkar is cut between hills on three sides and dunes on the left. An ancient city with its own rhythm, this place combines religion, heritage, culture and warmth in a panoramic view. Standing on the banks of the beautiful Pushkar Lake, the city is unlike any other tourist destination in India, but it has an actual track record of paradise travel. You can enjoy many things in this beautiful city. Learn more about the best places to visit Pushkar on your trip.

1. Pushkar Lake, Pushkar

With over 52 oceans in orbit, Pushkar Lake is the most famous and spectacular place in the city. Legend has it that the lake was formed when Brahma (the creator of the universe according to Hindu scriptures) threw a lotus at this site. So, to dive into the body of Hindu holy water, which comes from far away, and to cleanse ourselves from our sins and cure skin diseases. You can find mention of this lake in coins dated to the fourth century BCE. The lake has a variety of fish and other aquatic species. More than 500 large and small dairy temples surround the lake and offer a spectacular view. If you are interested in photography, Lake Charming offers a beautiful backdrop by taking amazing photos.

2. Brahma Temple, Pushkar

There is Brahma Temple near Pushkar Lake, one of the most visited temples in the city. The 14th century temple has red tops and beautiful bird paths. The temple was occupied by the four-faced Lord Brahma with Queen Gayatri. The design of this beautiful place of worship compliments your time.

3. Varaha Temple, Pushkar

One of the oldest temples in Pushkar, the Varaha temple was built in the 12th century. After the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb destroyed the temple, it was rebuilt by King Sawai Man Singh II in the 18th century. The temple was dedicated to Varaha, the birth of King Vishnu as a wild boar. Today, the temple is a remarkable proof of the magnitude of ancient architecture. The beauty of the exquisite architecture makes it a unique attraction that tourists and tourists rarely forget.

4. Indoda Mahal, Pushkar

Considering the largest and most beautiful royal residence built in the city, Man Mahal is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Pushkar. Built by Raja Man Singh-I as a guest house. Situated on the banks of the Pushkar Lake, the palace offers a spectacular view of the lake and the temples around it. Today the palace serves as a heritage hotel. If you cannot live in this state of residence, you can travel there and see an example of art.

5. Rangji Temple, Pushkar

A special feature of the Ranji temple is the display of Indian architecture, which is unusual in Pushkar. But the glory of the temple is not visible. This popular place is dedicated to Lord Rangi, the body of Lord Vishnu. The temple began in 1823 and is considered one of the new temples of Pushkar.

6. Savitri Temple, Pushkar

Located on the Ratnagiri hill, the Savitri temple has a fascinating narrative that attracts travelers. The temple is said to have been built at the place where Goddess Savitri, once repented, finds out that her husband has married another woman. If you reach the temple, you will see beautiful views, including the Pushkar Lake and the great Thar Desert.

7. Gurudwara Singh Sabha, Pushkar

The Pushkar temple city was visited by Gugu Nanak Sahib and Gugu Gobind Singh in 1509 and 1706. Gurdwara Singh Sabha visited Gugu Nanak Sahib. Gobind Ghat, today known as Gandhi Ghat, marks the place where the last Sikh Guru lived during a visit.

8. Naga Pahar, Pushkar

If you are looking for a place to visit Pushkar and Ajmer, you should not miss the Naga mountain, the hill separating Pushkar and Ajmer. If it is believed to be a local legend, this hill was once very high. But over time, his height began to decrease. A popular belief is that one day the hill will disappear completely. Believe it or not, you will never regret going to the top of this hill. Fascinating views from above will delight you! Not surprisingly, photographers get a good view of the city on the hillside.

9. Taman Mawar, Pushkar

Pushkar is often called the Rajasthan Rose Garden because roses are grown there. You can relax for a while and visit one of the garden parks and watch beautiful flowers bloom. It is a pleasure for me to see different types of flowers, which fill the entire agricultural land and spread its fragrance. Roses from Pushkar are exported worldwide and they are quite attractive if you want to spend time in their company.

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